Deltran Battery Tender® Junior High Efficiency

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Keep the Deltran Battery Tender® Junior High Efficiency handy to recharge a dead ATV, car, or lawn mower battery in a pinch. Much more than a simple trickle charger, this battery charger features a safety timer, four-step charging program, and two-color LED indicator that displays the status of the charger. Most importantly, this charger meets all requirements for use in California and Oregon!


The Deltran Battery Tender® Junior High Efficiency is an excellent accessory to keep handy for charging batteries in preparation for the on-season, maintaining a full charge while in storage during the off-season, or recharging a dead battery in a pinch. The battery charger's four-step charging program includes initialization, bulk charge, absorption charge, and float modes. The integrated two-color LED charge indicator lets you know how much charge is left, an 80 hour safety timer prevents the unit from damage caused by excessive use, and the 12' output cord makes it easy to use just about anywhere. The unit is spark-proof and reverse-polarity protected.

About the Four-Step Charging Program:

Initialization mode ensures that the battery is functioning normally, then it enters bulk charge mode, during which it delivers its full charge at a constant rate of 1.25 amperes. Absorption charge mode allows the charge current amplitude to drop, then finally switches to float mode, at which point it maintains the battery voltage just slightly above where it would be if it were fully charged and sitting at rest.


  • 120V AC, 60 Hz input; 12V DC @ 750 mA output
  • Perfect for lead-acid, flooded, or sealed maintenance-free batteries
  • Four-step charging program; initialization, bulk charge, absorption charge, & float mode
  • Automatically switches to float/maintenance voltage after fully-charging the battery
  • Two-color LED charge indicator
  • 80 hour safety timer
  • 12' output cord
  • Spark-proof, reverse-polarity protected, UL, CSA, & BC approved
  • 12 Volts
Brand Deltran Battery Tender
SKU 022-0192
Warranty 1 Year

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